Customer Care:

Email : hello@mykidswall.in
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Do you charge GST extra?

No. The prices are inclusive of all taxes.

Do I get a discount on a large order?

Yes. Please contact our Customer Care if you would like to place a bulk order.

What are your payment options?

We accept majority of Debit cards, Credit cards including American Express, UPI and payment wallets. We also accept offline orders with payment by NEFT.

My voucher code is not working. What can I do?

Please contact our Customer Care to check the issue.



Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do! Courier charges will be extra, at actuals. Please ask for quote from Customer Care.

How long does shipping take?

We ship in 2-3 days from Mumbai and transit time varies from 4-8 days depending on the location.

For international orders, transit time varies from 2-4 weeks.

How do I check the status of my order?

Once your order has been shipped, we will send you an email with a shipping tracking number so you can follow your package until it arrives to its destination.

Our Customer Care will be happy to assist you if you have any issue with tracking of your order!

Are there any shipping delays due to Covid-19?

At this time, the shipping services we are partnered with are experiencing some delays due to their response to the current pandemic. Please allow a few additional business days on top of their posted expecting delivery date.

What should I do if I am finding difficulty in uploading photos?

You can order offline on Email or on WhatsApp.
hello@mykidswall.in or WhatsApp +91 79772 04962
Our live chat is available from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm

Are delivery times guaranteed?

We are unable to guarantee our delivery times but we do provide a Delivery Turnaround window to give you an idea of when to expect your items. Unfortunately, situations beyond our control sometimes arise that affect delivery. If you have not received your goods and your Delivery Turnaround time has passed, please contact Customer Care.



Do you provide customized sizes as per our requirement?

Yes, we do. You have to contact our Customer Care for quotation.

Can I order offline and customize size of Photo Frames?

Yes, you can order offline by sending email. For more information on payment, contact our Customer Care.

How does Peel and Stick work?

There are two sticky strips on the back of the photo frame.

Peel off the protective paper.
Stick it on the wall.
Press for 15 seconds. Done.
No damage when removed.

What is the difference between Framed and Frameless Photo Frames?

Framed photo frames have Synthetic Wood cover and Frameless is without Wood cover and is made of Rubber Foam. Both have option of wall hanging and built-in Table Top Stand.

What kind of paper are my photos printed on?

Each photo is digitally printed on 300 gsm Imported Art Card with a beautiful matte finish and fade-resistant coating.

Where are the photo frames manufactured?

All of our photo frames are manufactured in our factory at Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra with the highest quality standards.

Will any type of wall work?

Our photo frames adhere to the overwhelming majority of surfaces. They’re meant to be applied to well-painted walls, painted concrete cinder block, laminates, glass, tile, metal, and other smooth surfaces. We do not advise applying the photo frames to wallpaper nor to a wall whose paint is loose and chips off.

Is there any kind of wall that isn’t recommended for?

We do not advise applying the photo frames to wallpaper nor to a wall whose paint is loose and chips off or a non-smooth surface wall.

Can I remove the photo frame once it’s on the wall?

Absolutely! To remove, simply grab the photo frame from bottom to peel away from the wall leaving the adhesive strip on the wall. Slowly pull straight down on the strip until release to remove it leaving no damage or residue.

Can I swap the photo frames amongst each other?

Yes! You can exchange and swap the frames amongst each other for a constantly evolving photo wall!



What resolution should my photos be for Photo Frames?

800 pixels or larger will produce a high quality image. Smaller photos will look blurred in print. If your photo is the optimum size but out of focus, it too will be blurred.

Can I use my Instagram or Facebook photos?

Yes. You can use the Instagram & Facebook photos that are saved to your Gallery or you'll need to download to your phone.

Can I edit and adjust my photos?

Of course! On the Uploading page, click on any photo to crop, edit or adjust your uploaded photos.

Is there a minimum photo resolution recommended?

It should be at least 600 by 600 pixels. Lower resolution photos will result in blurry and grainy canvases.

Could I re-edit or change the photos after the order is placed?

We’re sorry that once you place the order, the photos can’t be re-edited or changed. As a result, please make sure that all the cropping and filters are what you want beforehand.

What file types do you support?

In order to produce items with maximum quality in terms of both colour and clarity, our software only supports the use of .jpg. Most images can be easily converted to .jpg. If you need any help with this, please contact Customer Care.

Do I maintain the copyright of my image?

Yes, you retain full copyright of your image. You are the only person who is able to access your images on our site.
Also, by uploading, you acknowledge that you hold the rights to the photo(s).

How are my images stored?

We take your security seriously. We do not store your images. As per our Privacy policy, your photos are deleted as soon as your order is fulfilled.

Can I print an image that is not my own?

No, you must have the right to use the images you upload onto our website. For example, you may not use photos from another website or other publication unless you have obtained permission.

My image is low resolution, what should I do?

Often images that you take from social media are very small. When you try to enlarge them, you receive a warning about the quality. The best thing to do is try and find the original image. If you took it yourself, the image on your phone or camera will be high resolution. If a friend sent it, ask them to email it to you in a larger file size. As a general rule, if an image is around 1MB, it should be fine to use.



What is your returns/refunds policy?

We are confident you will love our products, but sometimes things go wrong. Returns are accepted for any manufacturing faults or defects. However, because your product is personalized just for you, we are unable to accept returns due to customer error in the creation process or a change of mind. We hope you understand. We also accept returns due to transit damage. For further information, please check our Refund Policy.

We ship to most countries around the world at extra shipping cost. You can get quote by emailing at hello@mykidswall.in or on WhatsApp - 79772 04962 before placing the order.



Can I cancel/make changes to my order?

Unfortunately, you cannot make changes to the order once it has been placed.

How do I know if my order has been successful?

After placing an order, you will see an order confirmation screen. You will also receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive these, it probably means the order hasn’t been successfully placed. Please contact us and we should be able to help.

My order has arrived and it is much darker than it looked on my screen. Why is that?

The image you see on your screen is dependent on the brightness setting of your computer or phone. Our print experts check each order and choose the most appropriate levels of light and colour for each image, however, we cannot guarantee that it will look exactly like it does on your screen.

What if I am not happy and feel that there is a quality problem?

We want you to love your products. If you are unhappy with the quality, then we want to hear from you as soon as possible. Please contact Customer Care who will work to resolve your concerns.

What should I do if my order arrives and it has been damaged in the shipping?

If you order has been damaged, please contact Customer Care ASAP. Please take photographs of both the packaging and the damaged product. Please remember to include your order number on any correspondence.

Only part of my order has arrived, what should I do?

If you have placed an order for multiple items, they may arrive separately. Please wait until the full Delivery Turnaround time has expired before calling or chasing any order.

I would like to obtain a copy of my invoice/receipt, how do I go about doing this?

You should be able to print off a copy of your order from your account online. However, if you need an official invoice, please contact Customer Care.

How do you use my information?

We will not pass on your personal information to anyone and will only contact you if you have agreed to be included on our mailing list.


Happy to Help you!

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Customer Care:
Email: hello@mykidswall.in
Whatsapp: +91 79772 04962